Daniella Allen

Owner of Salon Nouveau
Licensed Esthetician
Xtreme Lashes Certified Stylist


Salon Nouveau is located inside Cirque Salon Studios 1167 Basketweave Dr. Suite 205 in beautiful Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Visit us and experience the highest quality, most luxurious beauty services available today provided by our staff of Licensed and Certified beauty professionals who excel in their particular field and specialty services. You will be able to experience services you will not find anywhere else. We can't wait to pamper you and make you look and feel absolutely beautiful!

Email: salonnouveausc@gmail.com

Our Client Reviews

Darby G.

Professional Organizer

“My decision to see Daniella for my lashes has given me such confidence! After trying other salons and being disappointed, I know I am lucky to be in such great hands and I leave each appointment with perfect results. I wish I had been referred sooner! Whether I am walking across a stage for a fitness competition, meeting with clients, or simply running errands, I look my best because of her services which more importantly make me feel like my best self.”

Christina F.

Sports Media Consultant/Account Manager

“I have known Daniella Allen for almost a decade now, we began our relationship as co-workers and became close friends shortly after. To this day I am still, and always will be, a long term client of hers (for 8+ years I have seen her almost every other week for different and follow-up esthetic services and not once was I unsatisfied or unhappy). Since I have known Daniella she has exuded nothing but professionalism, punctuality and unrivaled knowledge in the field of esthetics. She is always a step ahead of the crowd, knowing what the next big thing will be and maintains all of this while running a household and a business. She is ambitious, caring and compassionate and the hardest working person I know. Throughout the last 8+ years I have seen Daniella grow her list of clientele day in and day out, they have stayed with her for over 8 years and will continue to follow her wherever she goes. I have worked in the beauty industry for 10 years and am still close to all those who own and work in it as well, I know a great provider when I see one, and Daniella is by far the best I have ever known, she makes people feel amazing about the way they look and that is something that is hard to achieve in todays world of perfection. She knows each and every client by name, she maintains outstanding relationships with old employees and employers and strives to be the next best thing. I know that I will continue to not only be a true friend to Daniella but also remain her loyal client for as long as she is working as an esthetician, like I said there is NO ONE in Charleston or even the surrounding areas that comes close to doing what she does. It is an art and she is an artist. I recommend all of my family and friends to Daniella, for anything and everything esthetic-wise; she will continue to grow in Charleston and do amazing things, and I feel extremely fortunate to be one of her clients. I have no doubt whatsoever that her salon will become the place to go in Charleston for beauty services and I am excited to be a part of this journey.” 

Cameron W.

Pharmaceutical Sales

“Daniella is the best at what she does!! I have been getting eyelash ext from her for years! They are wonderful, I cannot live without them or her!! I have tried others but they cannot compare to what she does. I also get waxing, eyebrows, lip and she does wonderfully. I will follow her wherever she goes!!”

Beth P.

VP Sales and Marketing EdR

“Daniella is one of a kind. She possesses an amazing gift that is rare in her field. I absolutely could not do without her services. She does my eyelashes and eyebrows. Her talent is in high demand and she always finds a way to take care of me. I searched for a long time for someone I could trust and feel lucky to have her. Would recommend her to anyone!”

Beth M.

Defense Contractor, Honeywell Technology Solutions

“Daniella Allen is an artist with lash extensions. She has the ability to look at the shape of a clients face and determine what type of lashes will look best. I especially appreciate the time she takes in preparing my eyes for the lash extensions to ensure they are comfortable to wear. I would recommend Daniella to anyone looking for eyelash extensions.”

Ariana C.


“Before I had Xtreme Lashes, my morning routine consisted of 15 to 20 minutes to apply make up and half of that time was me trying to curl and apply mascara to be  satisfied with the outcome.  When I  first found out about lash extentions, I had many questions.  Daniella was very professional and very knowledgeable.  She  helped me decide if the lashes were right for me.  Also explained the process and the maintenance of the lashes.  She made me feel very comfortable that I was in the right hands.  During the application process as well, I felt extremely comfortable.  Daniella kept me informed about the steps she was about to perform and the next thing I knew she was finished.  I walked out of the door feeling beautiful and confident.  I did not know what I was doing before Xtreme Lashes!  Now I wake up, roll out of bed, brush my lashes and continue on with my day of errands or either being ready for a night of bartending.”

Anne G.

Registered Nurse

“I have been a customer of Daniella Allen’s for over three years. During that time, I have been impressed with her dedication to excellence by providing a service that a customer really appreciates. I have tried others, and there was no comparison. She possesses a skill set that requires commitment to detail, and, as a registered nurse, I appreciate her using proper infection control methods to prevent cross-contamination between clients. I look forward to going to her new salon soon.”

Anna D.

Architectural Firm Director

“Daniella Allen is extremely talented! Her professionalism and customer service exceed my expectations. Her technical skills are truly expert: she has incredible attention to detail and great creative artistry. Her work is transformative, I feel more beautiful and confident than ever. I love what Daniella’s expertise does for my eyes! I am thrilled to be one of her many devoted clients.”

Allison H.


“I decided to go to Daniella Allen for my eyelash extensions because she by far, has the most experience and best reviews of any lash stylist in the area. I have not been disappointed! My eyelashes and eyebrows look amazing! I am constantly complimented on my beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows. I am now an extension addict! Daniella has built a very loyal client base which speaks volumes about her abilities and professionalism. I live an hour from her service and gladly take the drive twice per month to receive eyelash and eyebrow extensions. Because of her vast experience doing extensions, she is extremely efficient and is able to do the extensions in half the time it takes others. The quality and quantity are never compromised. They always last the full two weeks or longer between fills and I have never had eye or skin issues related to the extensions. I recommend Daniella to anyone interested in receiving eyelash or eyebrow extensions. I would never go to any other lash stylist.”

Jodi N.


“Daniella Allen is a creative genius when it comes to applying lashes and brows. I’ve been a very satisfied(understatement) client of Daniella’s for going on 9yrs now. I am stopped on a daily basis and complimented on my lashes- they look and feel so real. Her application is fast and relaxing and always perfect because she is a perfectionist at her art. Her lash extensions are a time saver- just brush and go! Thank you Daniella for the gift of glam!”